Check out the 2nd part of my ''Madness Gladius'' timelapse

2017-05-03 17:23:00 by slimshady0592

Check it out!:

I'm almost done with the next animation, the shitty thing is i don't have a lot of time anymore like i used to for my animations, so i want to say it's coming soon but it could take a while if i'm busy...



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2017-05-03 19:44:31

Ahh, that sweet sweet CS3 interface.

How come you don't use tweens for this stuff? You could save some time with tweens and a keyframe caddy plugin..

slimshady0592 responds:

I don't really use tweens for fighting scenes but keyframe caddy could come in handy...
i've never used that before so maybe i'll try it out :D


2017-05-10 11:14:19

You are epic!! :D